What's at Risk With Using Prescription and OTC Drugs?

Unintentional prescription (Rx) and over-the-counter (OTC) drug misuse, overdoses and preventable drug-drug interactions pose serious health risks and poison the healthcare system.
Adverse health effects from misunderstanding prescription and OTC drugs cause hundreds of thousands of unnecessary hospital visits, countless unnecessary healthcare dollars spent, and in some cases, even cost lives. Medilyzer™ is the industry's revolutionary solution designed to eliminate these issues and improve healthcare for everyone. Read more

What Is Medilyzer™ And How Can It Help?

Medilyzer™ provides a comprehensive, multi-lingual, interactive touch-screen prescription (Rx) and OTC drug information system to help consumers avoid the risk of adverse medication health effects and save billions for the healthcare industry.
Medilyzer™ helps consumers to better understand the risks associated with prescription and OTC medications and make more informed purchasing decisions. Simultaneously, a unique customer experienced is provided resulting in improved sales and store loyalty. Read more
Inside Medilyzer – The Solution Everyone is Talking About

Medication Educational Videos – Learn about the problems one senior citizen experienced through mixing OTC and prescription medications and more. View here

Below are some common medications you can compare in our interaction tool. Simply copy and paste the numbers located below the images.

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Our Multi-Lingual Solutions

Medilyzer™ drug counseling solutions are available anywhere, at any time. Our patent-pending innovations include; the Medilyzer™ Smart Panel, the Medilyzer™ iPhone application, the Medilyzer™ Android application and our forthcoming Blackberry solution.