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Medilyzer™ is a revolutionary user-driven, interactive and multi-lingual prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) drug information system specifically designed to reduce the health risks associated with misusing medications.

Medilyzer™ launched in 2008 under the direction of Mizan Rahman, the founder and CEO. Faced with confusion when seeking to purchase medicine for his young daughter, Mizan recognized the struggle all parents must experience when trying to provide their children with safe medications. Realizing that hundreds of thousands of both adults and children are admitted to emergency facilities each year due to preventable adverse drug interactions, Medilyzer™ was established.

Based upon the philosophy of problem solving, Medilyzer™ is dedicated to saving lives, reducing healthcare costs, and improving the consumer shopping experience. Medilyzer™ seeks to close the tremendous gap between consumer knowledge and prescription/OTC drug risks by providing consumers with a multi-lingual prescription and OTC drug counseling solution.

Medilyzer™ helps consumers to better understand the risks associated with prescription and OTC medications to make more informed purchasing decisions and understand the most important information about medication usage to increase safety. Simultaneously, a unique customer experience is provided resulting in improved sales, store loyalty and word-of-mouth/organic customer growth.

There are four unique ways to utilize the Medilyzer™ solution:

Medilyzer™ Smart Panel – an easy to use, comprehensive, consumer touch-screen panel database
Medilyzer™ Smart Phone Applications – mobile OTC drug risk processing software
Medilyzer™ Online Drug Interaction Tool –a web user informational database
Medilyzer™ OTC-Central - a powerful 24 hour information portal for medical professionals

Each of these elements provides comprehensive, interactive prescription and OTC drug information to both consumers and medical professionals.
Medilyzer™ is a spinoff innovation of M2SYS Technology, a recognized industry leader in biometric technology. M2SYS is a global biometric research and development firm founded in 2002.