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According to studies, about 82% of the U.S. population uses at least one prescription medication, over-the-counter medication, or dietary supplement and 30% use five or more drugs. Unfortunately, hundreds of thousands of these adults are admitted to the emergency room each year due to adverse drug interactions. Children account for additional emergency visits, with 7,100 occurring because of cough and cold medications alone.

There are a variety of causes for these unnecessary emergencies. Perhaps the OTC product warnings were ignored or misunderstood. Maybe the pharmacist was unavailable for consultation. Possibly a non-English speaking or illiterate consumer was unable to correctly interpret the OTC drug warnings. Although different, these reasons have one thing in common – they can all be avoided. Find out how Medilyzer™ can help.

Did You Know?
“Hundreds of thousands of Americans end up in hospitals every year because of unintentional Rx or OTC drug overdoses or due to Rx and OTC drugs interacting with other medications.”
“Non-English speaking individuals and those with low literacy cost the healthcare system more than $50 billion annually in unnecessary doctor visits.”
“Less than 30 years ago, more than 700 of today’s OTC medicines were available only with a prescription.”

OTC Risks

1) OTC drugs work differently than prescription drugs -

False! Many over the counter medications have the same ingredients as prescription drugs. In fact, incorrectly combining the use of any medications can be life-threatening.

Know the risks before using an OTC medication

Medilyzer™ assures OTC medication safety by providing consumers with clear, easy-to-understand drug label information and potentially dangerous prescription to OTC and OTC to OTC drug interactions that will drastically reduce the occurrence of adverse health effects.

Prescription (Rx) Drug Risks

Medilyzer™ is also a comprehensive resource to educate patients on safe and proper prescription drug  use by providing clear, easy-to-understand drug leaflet information and potentially dangerous prescription to OTC and prescription to prescription drug interactions.  Our touch screen Smart Panel allows a patient to customize their list of medications and conditions to receive life-saving information and avoid toxic medication combinations.