Medilyzer™ is a revolutionary touch-screen, interactive, multi-lingual prescription and OTC drug information system specifically designed to facilitate the proper use of medications.

There are four unique ways to utilize the Medilyzer™ solution:


Medilyzer™ Smart Panel (designed for use inside a Pharmacy):
A touch screen, interactive Smart Panel that clearly educates consumers in multiple languages about prescription and OTC medications, drug-drug interactions, therapeutic duplication, dosage information and the risks associated with pre-existing conditions. Consumers either manually enter the prescription medication or scan the OTC product barcode and are presented with all product details through a user-friendly interface that includes a rich multimedia experience. Depending on the product specifications, Medilyzer™ will enable consumers to enter important information regarding current prescriptions, drug allergies, and/or pre-existing health conditions that are applicable to the intended product end user. View Smart Panel



Medilyzer™ Smart Phone OTC Drug Information and Interaction Applications
A mobile user first enters the UPC Code (IPhone Users) or snaps a picture of the barcode(s) of the medication (Android Users) and the software retrieves the necessary OTC information and interactions from the MediLyzer™ database.

Medilyzer iPhone Application

Medilyzer Android Phone Application


Medilyzer™ Drug Interaction Tool
This revolutionary tool allows web users to easily compare over-the-counter (OTC) medications to learn if they are safe to take at the same time. The tool is completely free and can be shared with anyone, on any Web site or social media site, at anytime.

Use and Share the Drug Interaction Tool


Medilyzer™ OTC-Central
The web-based portal is a powerful database that allows pharmacists and medical professionals to access important pharmaceutical information 24 hours a day.

Learn More About the OTC-Central