The Medilyzer Drug Interaction Tool

This revolutionary tool allows web users to easily compare over-the-counter medications (OTC) to learn if they are safe to take at the same time. This application is completely free and can be shared with anyone, on any Web site or social media site, at anytime.


pill-bullet Begin by clicking “Start” on the interaction tool

pill-bullet Enter a medication’s UPC code using the number pad

pill-bullet You can use some of the sample UPC codes provided

pill-bullet Once you have entered in a UPC code, touch “Go” to proceed

pill-bullet The product name and image appears in a list

pill-bullet To compare medications you must enter at least 2 products, the maximum is 5

pill-bullet Simply touch the “Add Products” to enter more OTC medications

pill-bullet To remove a medication, just click the medication image, then click the “Delete” button

pill-bullet Choosing the “Clear” button will delete all medications

pill-bullet Once all desired medications are enter users should click the “Check Interaction” button

pill-bullet The results screen will show a “green check mark” for medications that are OK to mix

pill-bullet A “red X” indicates the medications should not be used together

pill-bullet Clicking the “flashing yellow question mark” will give users a brief overview of the results

pill-bullet Medilyzer always recommends speaking with a pharmacist before mixing any medications



Below are some common medications you can compare in our tool. Simply copy and paste the numbers located below the images.

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