The Medilyzer OTC-Central

In the fast paced world of healthcare, it’s not always easy to keep track of the latest developments, memorize every medication interaction, and diagnose patients who may not speak your native language.

Medilyzer OTC-Central is a comprehensive over-the-counter drug data repository designed specifically for pharmacist and physicians.


Search Medications by Name
No need for a UPC code or any other information, use OTC-Central to search thousands of products by name.

View Complete Product Labels
As a medical professional, you may need to know more information about a drug and be able to describe the medication to your patient. OTC-Central allows you to view all information regarding an over-the-counter medication including pictures and product labels.

Deliver Information in Multiple Languages
As the leading multi-lingual counseling solution, Medilyzer gives doctors the opportunity to deliver life-saving OTC product information in the patient’s native language. Simple instructions and product details are available to print in multiple languages.

Medilyzer also offers access to OTC information through these additional solutions:
Dynamic Gateway to OTC Medicationmed-port-coming-soon