More Information About the Medilyzer iPhone App

The Medilyzer iPhone app is designed to aid consumers in their OTC medication usage. The application allows users to find medications by typing in the products’ unique UPC code.  The user can then view what active ingredients are in the medication, the warnings associated with the medication, dosage information, and available generic products. 

The active ingredients list includes a brief description of each active ingredient.  The warning screen is separated into health and medication warnings. The health warnings allow users to learn if the medication will interact negatively with the consumers pre-existing health conditions.

The medication warnings list other drugs (or ailment’s that a medication can be used to treat) that will interact negatively with the entered medication.  The dosage screen contains age and weight categories, tapping either category will bring up specific dosage information. 

The available generics screen allows users to find the lower cost generic alternative associated with the entered medication.  I
When 2 or more medications are entered, the application’s Check Interaction feature will show the user which medications may be harmful when taken together and which medications are safe to take together. The maximum entry is 5 separate medications per interaction check.

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