Our goal at Medilyzer is to spread the word about over-the-counter medication precautions. To do this we have put together a FREE OTC Safety Kit. Consider it our gift to you for spreading the word about the dangers associated with taking OTC drugs incorrectly.

OTC Drug Interaction Tool
Place this code on  your website or blog to give others the opportunity to compare drug interactions using the Medilyzer OTC Drug Interaction tool.


Medilyzer Pocket Guide
Print the front of this guide on a standard sheet of paper, then flip it over and print the back on the same sheet. Cut these out and fold them along the gray lines to make a tri-fold. Give these to family and friends to keep in their wallet or purse.

Dangerous Misconceptions Hand Out
These 6 misconceptions can mean the difference between life and death. Print out this hand out and give it to everyone you know!

Medication Safety Card
Print these cards and give them to friends and family.

OTC Safety Hand Out
Give these flyers out to people you know to public is aware OTC safety facts.


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